Sculpture "Harmonia" by Forgasc-Hann Erzebet

Ref: LA207229
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An original and evocative sculpture of a loving couple called 'Harmonica' by Forgasc-Hann Erzebet (1897-1954).Hungary c1930. Forgasc-Hann Erzebet (Elizabeth Forgasc-Hann) was a well known Hungarian sculptor and graphic artist. She studied philosophy and art history at the university of Budapest and later became a private stident of Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl . In 1927-28she studied at the Paris Academy of Fine Arts. She first exhibited her expressionist works at the Salon in Paris in 1928 and participated in the exhibitions of the New Society of Fine Artists where she was considered to be one of the founding members of the European School. After her death a memorial collection of her works and a modern gallery named after her, was established in the Janis Pannonius Museum in Pecs. Outside of her sculptures she left rich graphic material and many written critiques on art.
240 MM
240 MM
130 MM
In excellent condition no chips or restoration a small firing crack see photo but does not affect the sculpture at all
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